Dado Valentic is an award winning colour grading artist with over 17 years of industry experience.


Dado is one of the leading developers in the area of colour science for digital film cameras known by his unique approach to processing of digital images and his film stock emulation technology.

Dado Valentic has worked on over 30 feature films and numerous commercials.His latest work was creating a colour science for Netflix HDR production of ‘Marco Polo -Season II’. As colour scientist he was involved on Exodus by Riddle Scott, Game of Thrones, ‘Total Recall’, ‘Mr Nice’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ by Guy Richie. Dado’s recent colourist credits include : Absolutely Anything’ directed by Terry Jones and starring Simon Pegg, ‘A Hundred Streets’ starring Idris Elba, ‘Dough’ starring Jonathan Pryce and ‘Blackwood’ by Adam Wimpenny.

Dado is the founder of Mytherapy, a creative studio for digital colour correction and motion picture retouching. Mytherapy is based at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea offering High End Motion Picture Post Production Services and Dolby Vision Mastering Services. 


Credits Feature Film:

A Hundred Streets
Dir: Jim O’Hanlon
DOP: Philipp Blaubach
Colourist - Final Grade

Absolutely Anything, Dir: Terry Jones, DOP: Peter Hannan Colourist - Final Grade

Exodus, Dir: Ridley Scott Colourist - Consultant

Bridge, Dir: Amit Ranjan Biswas, DOP: Zoran Veljkovic Colourist - Final Grade

Mum, Dad, Meet Sam, Dir: Tony Sebastian Ukpo, DOP: Giacomo La Monaca 

Colourist - Final Grade

Get Up and Go, Dir: Brendan Grant, DOP: Vladimir Trivic Colourist - Final Grade

Dough, Dir: John Goldschmidt, DOP: Peter Hannan Colourist - Final Grade

Blackwood, Dir: Adam Wimpenny Colourist – Final Grade

Sherlock Holmes, Dir: Guy Ritchie, DOP: Philippe Rousselot Colourist - Dailies

Total Recall, Dir: Len Wiseman, DOP: Paul Cameron Colourist - Dailies

Jack Ryan, Dir: Kenneth Branagh, DOP: Haris Zambarloukos Colourist - Dailies

Wayland’s Song, Dir: Richard Jobson Colourist – Final Grade

The Maid, Dir: Paul Emmanuel Colourist – Final Grade

Inbred, Dir: Alex Chandon, DOP: Ollie White 


Carmen in 3D, Dir: Julian Napier, DOP: Sean Phillips Colourist – Depth 


Flying with Monsters 3D, Dir: Matthew Dyas, DOP: Tim Cragg Colourist – Depth 


Don Quixote 3D, Dir: Agan, DOP: Jing Chi Colourist – Depth Grade/Finishing

Gulliver’s Travels, Dir: Rob Letterman Colourist - Phantom Camera Digital Dailies

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, Dir: Guy Richie Colourist - Phantom and 

SI2K Digital Dailies

Life Goes On, Dir: Sangeeta Datta Colourist – Finishing/Mastering/Versioning

Lady of Sorrows, Dir: Terry Gross Colourist – Finishing

Unarmed But Dangerous, Dir: Xavier Leret Colourist – Final Grade

Mr Nice, Dir: Bernard Rose Colourist - Digital Dailies/Phantom HD

Mine, Dir: Xavier Leret Colourist – Final Grade

Dressing Granite, Dir: Bill Scott Colourist – Final Grade

Lady Godiva, Dir: Vicky Jewson Colourist – Final Grade

Identity 3D, Dir: Manny Pramar DOP: John Daar Colourist – Depth 


Credits Television:

Marco Polo- Season II – Colour Scientist - Netflix

Game of Thrones - Workflow Consultant and Dailies Colourist HBO & Sky 


Earthflight - Produced by John Downer BBC 1

Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough Sky 3D, IMAX - Colourist

Jamie Does ITV - Colourist

Bills Kitchen Notting Hill - BBC Lifestyle - Colourist

What Darwin Didn't Know - BBC 1 - Colourist

Ultimate Warfare Series – Discovery - Colourist

Bang Goes the Theory - BBC 1 - Colourist

The Wrong Door - BBC 3- Colourist

Modern Toss - BBC Comedy- Colourist

We Are Mongrels - BBC 2- Colourist

The Fall of Communism - BBC 3- Colourist

Fish! A Japanese Obsessions - BBC 3- Colourist

Bugs 3D - Narrated by Judy Dench – IMAX  - Colourist



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