Master Colourist

Founded UK’s first Datalab. Colour graded and serviced over 80 feature films and numerous commercials. Developed custom colour science for digital film camera grading.



ICA International Colourist Academy
Master Colourist

Instructor and master colourist at ICA teaching regularly in centers

 around the world including: London, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sydney, Amsterdam, Gothenburg.



VMI Edit
Managing Director

Managing leading on-site Editing facility with major feature and broadcast clients. Delivered continuous growth and introduced the first HD editing station in the UK.



Sony Broadcast and Professional Europe
Office One Engineer

Responsible for Research and Development of cutting edge broadcast and professional equipment. Part of the team that was bringing innovation to the market. Achievements included: Hardware accelerated Post-production, DVD authoring, the first full digital audio mixing console, 4 x real time speed editing station for news.



Apple computers
Support Engineer

Delivered full software infrastructure change to the Mac OS market with introduction of OS9. Team leader for Germany, Austria and Switzerlan.